Feature films

  • An old rich aunt offers to her nephew – a 35-year-old orphaned bachelor, to make a bet. If he - Chakalov, succeeds to captivate the hearts of 14 women and the old lady sees with her own eyes these 14 kisses, she will leave to him her enormous legacy. Chakalov is forced to accept the old lady’s offer and to play the role of a seducer. But by nature, he is not that kind of person and this puts him in countless funny and awkward situations ending up in absurd outcomes. Chakalov’s endless love for books and their world, rather than for easy living leads him through the maze of the craziness of surrounding life.
  • Bulgaria, the night of October 18, 1922. A rampageous young man – an American, is forced to get off the Orient Express at a small station. The chief of the railway station and his daughter are quite unwilling to put up the stranger. Gradually, the American wins their trust. When the father understands that his daughter has decided to go away to Paris with the American, he makes a potion to sedate him and gets him on a train on the sly. In the morning all that has left from the guest is a piece of paper, which reads “Ernest Hemingway”.
  • Wallachia, 1835. Two riders, the deputy Costandin and his son, are searching for a runaway gypsy slave, suspected of having an affair with his master’s wife. On the road they encounter people of different nationalities and religions, each with prejudices against the others, passed down from generation to generation. When the slave is found, the adventure begins…